Easyjet New cabin bag measurements 50 x 40 x 20 cm


New cabin bag guarantee on all flights from 2 July 2013

To make sure that your cabing bag travels with you, the new easyjet cabin measurement is 50 x 40 x 20 cm. Nonetheless, you can still choose to bring ONE slightly bigger bag up to the maximum size of 56 x 45 x 25 cm including handles and wheels, but on some busy flights your bag may have to go into the hold.

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You can find all information in the following link at easyjet – New cabin bag guarantee (Source – Easyjet)

“Our customers have told us they want to keep their cabin bag with them – and not have to put it in the hold on busy flights where overhead locker space is limited.

And now you can. Our new cabin bag guarantee means you can make sure your bag travels with you in the cabin, even on the busiest flights.

To take advantage of the guarantee, simply bring ONE slightly smaller bag no bigger than 50 x40 x 20 cm including handles and wheels and we’ll guarantee it will travel with you either in the overhead locker or, if necessary, under the seat in front of you.

You can still choose to bring ONE slightly bigger bag up to the maximum size of 56 x 45 x 25cm including handles and wheels, but on some busy flights your bag may have to go into the hold.

easyJet plus cardholders, FLEXI fare, easyJet plus Upfront or Extra Legroom customers, can continue to bring ONE piece of cabin baggage no bigger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm including handles and wheels – and use easyJet plus Speedy Boarding to board first in order to secure space in the overhead lockers.

So if keeping your cabin bag with you is a priority, why not bring a slightly smaller bag (which is still big enough to hold all your travel essentials) and we guarantee it will not go in the hold – even if the flight is full.


Samsonite Firelite


The new Samsonite Firelite is made with the revolutionary Curv® technology – an advanced impact-resistant, lightweight material: recyclable and nature friendly. Curv® is known for its high energy absorption, outstanding impact performance, especially at low temperatures.

The curv material is being used for the famous samsonite luggage: Samsonite cosmolite luggage and samsonite cubelite luggage. The Samsonite Firelite luggage is the cheapest out of the three and it is available in 3 sizes: Spinner 55 cm, Spinner 69 cm and the large spinner 75 cm. This collection does not include a beauty case.

The new collection samsonite Fiberlite has become one of the lighest suitcases on the market. The cabin size spinner 55 weights only 1,9 kg while the large spinner 76 weights just under 3,0Kg: 2,9kg.

I enclosed a video for the Firelite samsonite which shows all the nice features.


  • Material : 100% Curv material by Propex in Germany
  • Wheels: Four sporty, smooth and silent wheels allow 360° rolling in multiple directions, for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Wheels Type : Four sporty, smooth and silent wheels allow 360° rolling in multiple directions, for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Wheel Handle : Lightweight monotube pull-handle with push button.
  • Handles : Integrated top and side handle to maximise the packing space.
  • Lock: Fixed 3 digit TSA combination lock for secure travel to the USA and to protect your personal belongings.
  • Zippers : Water resistant PU coated zipper.
  • Address Tag: Removable luggage tag loops quickly around the suitcase handle. Easy click open/close ID panel offers greater privacy.
  • Divider Pad: Zipped divider pad in the top compartment, for easy and organised packing.
  • Ribbons: Lowered elastic cross ribbons in the bottom compartment make packing easier.
  • Dimensions:
    • Cabin: 40,0 x 20,0 x 55,0 cm | 35 L | Height1,90 kg | 4.19 lbs
    • Medium: 47,0 x 29,0 x 69,0 cm | Volumn: 73 L | Height : 2,60 kg | 5.73 lbs
    • Large: 52,0 x 31,0 x 75,0 cm | 94 L | Height2,90 kg | 6.39 lbs

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Roncato, partner of the Omega Pharma Quick Step cycling team


Cristiano Roncato, General Manager of RV Roncato:”We are proud to be the exclusive supplier of luggage for the Omega Pharma- Quick- Step Cycling Team, travelling as of today in style with Roncato Light and Runner trolleys!”

“During the team’s first training camp we got the chance to test the quality and resistance of Roncato suitcases,” says Tom Boonen ( The great Belgian Champion). “We athletes fly all around the world at least 40 days a year and our baggage is always getting juggled about in the hotels where we stay during the races. For us it’s essential that our belongings are locked safely inside a resistant suitcase, one that is roomy and manageable, both for us and our handlers. Roncato perfectly matches these features without forgoing a serious and elegant design that makes it instantly recognizable.”

Roncato is an important partner. Their quality is internationally recognized,” explains Patrick Levefere (Team Manager). “Our athletes will be veritable spokesmen for this prestigious brand, thanks to all the travelling they do to reach training and racing locations. Quality and style are two values associated with Roncato which inspire our team’s activities every day.”

Roncato luggage, for more than 50 years now, characterized by cutting-edge design and highly innovative products for travel and everyday use, is on the market with the mission to meet all consumer requirements, paying special attention to its quality/price ratio. A strong passion for finely made products and a focus on design are the guiding concepts behind our company, represented by a family that has dedicated body and soul, for generations, to researching and developing its products, always employing innovative technologies. For RV Roncato, quality is not only a value but also a modus operandi that guides all activities, thanks to “Made in Italy” production and ISO 9001 certification aimed at running and improving company processes. RV Roncato is synonymous with a passion for work, attention to details and ongoing research into the best solutions for its customers, since our most important goal is to offer you excellent products.

Waterproof Backpacks, bags and duffels


Although there is much demand for waterproof backpacks, bags and duffels, there is not a wide variety of these available on the market. Many different sports require the use of waterproof bags, such as canyoning and other high-risk sports, mountain sports, winter sports, such as skiing and surfing, and other sports related to sailing or water sports.

Waterproof cylinder 40 Lt TW01 by Givi TW03 by Givi Waterproof Roll 30 Lt TW02 by Givi TW04 by Givi
Waterproof tail bag TKW747 by Kappa waterproof rucksack TKW745 by Kappa Waterproff tail bag TKW744 byKappa Waterproof 40 Liter Duffel by The north face

In this respect, thanks to manufacturers of motorbike bags and accessories such as Givi and Kappa which, obviously understand the need to provide waterproof articles (waterproof bags, backpacks, duffels or waterproof clothing) to its motorcycling clients, the above-mentioned sports have found the solution to their needs.

With these waterproof bags or waterproof duffels, your belongings will be safe from the rain!!!

At eMaletas you can find a wide variety of waterproof backpacks, bags and duffels from brands such as The North Face, Givi or Kappa. Enter and view the descriptions and photos of the products.

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Thule Bike Carriers


Cycling is a fun, enthralling sport, attracting more participants every day.  Not only those who use two-wheels as a frequent form of transport within the city but also those who use it in their leisure time.  Cycling helps us to stay in shape, relax and is environmentally friendly – more than enough reasons to make it the ideal plan to enjoy your weekends or holidays.

One of the things that must be considered, however, is if a bike is not attached correctly to a motorvehicle when being transported, not only could this cause an accident, but the driver could incur a fine of up to 100 euros. Therefore it is essential that you rely on a good bicycle carriers and racks adjusted to the measurements of your vehicle, to be chosen from a variety of legal models as established by the new international Driving Laws.

Among the systems to carry bikes on cars, you should consider which is best based on the model of your vehicle, your needs and the cost.  In this respect, we count on the following equipment:

- Inside the car: This is the most economical, but not all vehicles have a wide enough interior to put bikes inside (only by removing the two wheels, maybe). In addition, an interior locking system is needed using safety belts to correctly position the bikes, as if not correctly positioned, this could be extremely dangerous in the event of an accident.

- Roof rack: Economical, with the advantage that, once removed, it takes up little space and is easily stored.  However, when assembled the height of the garage must be considered and in addition, when assembled, it will cause the car to consume more fuel.

- On the boot: This is also very affordable.  You must ensure that the position of the load is correct for safety reasons and to avoid receiving a fine.  The bikes cannot stick out by the sides of the car and they should be made noticeable by a  V-20 card with red and white stripes.

- On a tow cart: Slightly more expensive than the above options.  This requires prior installation but it enables the boot to be opened and, in addition, the bikes are mounted easily.  More space is needed to store it once it is removed and the tow cart requires a licence plate and lights.

With respect to brands, Thule is the leader in these types of accessories for vehicles, offering a range of bicycle carriers and racks, roof-racks, cases and other useful accessories when embarking on a journey with a lot of items.

The Thule bicycle carriers and racks  are offered for a wide range of roofs: modern and practical, more stylish, or simpler and more professional.  All of these have simple steps for assembly, safety and rigidness for the bicycles.  The Thule tow carts are stable, safe and easy to use.  The boot platform enables up to three bikes to be transported, fixed with a simple and safe safety system.

All of these systems and the wide range offered by Thule, ensures quality, environmentally friendly materials and the reassurance that the bicycles will be transported correctly and safely.

Where can you buy bicycle racks from Thule at a good price?  At eMaletas there are offers for Thule bicycle carriers and roof racks, produced in aluminium and steel.  A practical , anti-theft, easy to assemble system.

Swissbags, leaders in briefcases and leather handbags


Swiss quality extends to Swissbags in a wide range of briefcases and leather handbags which combine practicality and style for the most demanding clients. With the conviction that quailty is not compromised by an affordable price, this brand offers fashionable, elegant, lasting and practical designs.

An innovative design and careful elaboration of the highest quality Swiss leather make these bags an essential accessory for work.  Leather handbags and briefcases to carry the latest technogical trends for work.

The different Swissbag collections adapt to each type of client.  From the most classical, who would enjoy the new Zurich collection – completely hand-made, to the most informal client, for which the new Crazy Horse Series, in grey finish, has been created.

Without doubt, the star of the Swissbag product is the Valai Series, a collection of luxury, unisex briefcases and leather bags in black and brown. This collection is versatile and practical, making it a safe bet as a present for any occassion, with the Swiss quality guarantee.

Using the best materials, Swissbags makes a wide range of products based on style, professionalism and distincion.  The products are characterised by their committment to Swiss quality in their elaboration and design.   Their all-season style and practicality make Swissbags the brand to follow in leather bags.  In addition, Swissbags offer a wider range of products such as briefcases, wallets, card holders, agendas, cheque book covers, etc…making them the leaders in the field of corporate gifts due to the quality-price ratio.

Samsonite Beach bag and Folding shopping bag


Comfortable extendable beach bag. It is the ideal solution for shopping, daily outings and trips to the beach. It’s a sports bag for shopping with a wide opening which can be folded into its own built in transportable cover (when the bag is open the cover becomes an internal pocket with a zip).

This beach bag by Samsonite is made from Nylon for better resistance and comfort and is light-weight.

Additional features:

  • Shoulder straps
  • 2 interior pockets
  • Measurements open: 50 x 32 x 7 cm
  • Wide opening which can be folded into its own built in portable cover (when the bag is open the transportable cover becomes an internal pocket with zip)

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Roncato Uno, the suitcase that does not fear even a rugby match


Roncato launches its lightest suitcase – Roncato UNO. To demonstrate its lightness and robustness, Roncato has filmed an original ad with Petrarca, The Italian Rugby team champions of the Italian league in 2010-2011, directed by Felli.

Below you can see the extended versio (1:20 minutes long). The new Roncato Uno collection can be found in three different sizes of 4 wheels (Cabin 55, medium 71 cm and large 80 cm). The Roncato Uno is also avilable as a soft-sided suitcase: Roncato Uno SOFT.

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Motorbike case Shad ST38


Shad presents a new range of aluminium urban-adventure motor cases, a case concept with new materials, but always with the warranty of the Shad brand. They are perfect to give an adventure touch both to long routes and to everyday commuting.

The new Shad ST38 stands out for their rigidity and robustness; they are topmotor cases that perfectly combine state-of-the-art technology with lightness and strength, offering the best reliability, security and stability.

The new collection of motorbike cases Shad ST38 comprises the Top case – ST38 – and the Side cases (2 units) – ST38L 

  • The ST38 Top case offers a capacity of 38 L, enough to hold a full-face helmet + accessories, with a maximum load of 8kg and its measures are: 35 length x 35 width x 30 height.
  • The ST38L Side Case, has a each one a capacity of 36 L, with maximum load of 8kg and its measures are: 47 length x 21 width x 35 height.Shad ST38 Aluminium

The new collection Shad ST38 offers the following technical features:

  • Aluminium quality – 1,5mm
  • Hermetic sealing rubber
  • Reinforced hinges
  • High security lock system
  • Reinforced plastic corners
  • Additional safety lock for fitting
  • Carrying handle
  • Internal fastening straps and Internal damping tray.

and has compatible fitting kits, at the moment, for the following motorcycles:

  • BMW: R1200GS, R1200GS ADVENTURE, FG800GS, F650GS, F650GS/DAKAR, G650GS

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Tumi Luggage | Ducati Collection


Tumi, the leading international brand of premium travel, business, and lifestyle accessories, partners with Ducati to launch a new collection of bold, performance-driven travel and lifestyle accessories for fall 2011 – The Tumi Ducati collection

Rooted in a shared passion for design excellence and technological innovation, the collaboration brings discerning consumers the style sophistication and functional superiority they know and love from Tumi and Ducati.

The new Tumi Ducati collection launches this fall with three sporty red travel cases, two duffels, and one backpack and crossbody bag. Speeding to the gate never looked so good with the collection’s light weight travel cases.

Designed with Tumi’s signature multi-layered ABS polycarbonate blend, the cases feature commodious nylon front panels, add-a-bag straps and aircraft grade aluminum handles. They will be available in three sizes, including an international carry-on , Quattroporte Medium Trip Case , and Quattroporte Extended Trip Case

Alongside the sleek cases, the Ducati collection features two vibrant red duffels, including a larger Due Porte Collapsible Wheeled Duffel and an easy-to-carry Actuator Sport Duffel. For carefree, active living, Tumi offers a high-functioning, sleek Tank Medium Backpack and Deso Small Flap Crossbody bag.

Jerome Griffith (CEO of Tumi) says: “Through our collaboration with Ducati, we channel the vivid vibrancy of a brand best known for speed, adventure and dynamic performance. Together we offer consumers an attention-drawing, statement collection that invites adventure and encourages spontaneity.”

Gabriele Del Torchio (President & CEO of Ducati Motor Holding SpA) says: “The partnership between Ducati and Tumi truly embodies the excellence, style, creativity and innovative design which characterizes our two brands.

“We are particularly excited about this partnership and proud of the new collection that Tumi will release for Ducati because it further confirms our position as a premium brand. We look forward to continued success and an enjoyable and rewarding experience together.”

The new Tumi Ducati collection will be available for purchase beginning October 1, 2011 at Tumi stores nationwide, internationally and on Tumi.com as well as specialty wholesale stores like eMaletas. In spring 2012, the collection will also be available in black.